Our School Room

This is for week 2 of the blog-hop over at Heart of the Matter, School Room Week!

We do mostly school in a set up school room, as there are just too many distractions in our house to let us school is the rest of the house. We always have people coming and going for my Father who is elderly and not in good health. Plus it gives us a place to put all those wonderful books!


This is the right side of our school room, in a broad view. Pardon the mess – we are still setting up and I’ve run out of shelf space. The file cabinet holds supplies and my coupons {I am a mega-coupon shopper}.

These are our school educational videos and our $30 blessing computer that T uses for games and school.

These are the bookcases on the right side of the room – they are in order form left to right Religion books of mine in the 1st two, then chapter books and series then general fiction. On the top are empty binders, Magazines, and our Dear America type books that I’m collecting for a future history program.

This is the left side of our classroom, our podium is buried right now with things that need a home found for, but normally it is just for larger projects and displays or whatever animal we are currently.

This is our classroom storage area. The little two-shelf bookcase I got at a school auction {along with all the rest of the bookcases, the table, the desk and chairs} and I dearly love it. We use it to store our buckets of markers, crayons, pencils, craft supplies and magnetic letters. The tall white plastic case is full of odds and ends – window clings for decorating, flashcards and more. T’s Beanbag is here too by her choice.

These are the left side bookcases {and T snuck in the photo – she was supposed to be in bed}. These are all the non-fiction books, with the largest part being science and history. The bottom 3 shelves of the 1st bookcase are all textbooks, and the next to the top shelf of the same case is all Girl Scout stuff. On the top {which you really can’t see in this pic} is our animal tank, the volcano kit, and out Advent wreaths.

This is our school table, with books needing a home piled on one end. The white binder in the blue fabric tote is our lesson plans, and behind it is another fabric tote with our textbooks. Our Abacus is also laying on the table – we scored 2 Ikea Abacuses for $2 each at our thrift shop!

This is our Chore Chart and school work chart. If T gets a check in every subject for the day she gets to pick something out of the treat box, and she earns rewards by doing chores.

My desk is really really really messy since I haven’t had time to clean it, but I did take this photo of all my teacher’s books and supplementals for this year that are by my desk.

These are all our educational games, stored in the hall. The bottom shelf is all ones we are planning on using this year. All of these where bought 2nd hand at our local thrift shop, and none for over $3.  We love our thrift shop for educational books and games!


So there is our lived-in school room. It’s tiny but works well for us.I do have some educational posters to put up yet, I haven’t found wall space yet. For those wondering, the other half is T and I’s bedroom, which is why there was no pics of that side.


  1. 1
    Sparklee Says:

    I see you have a book-crazy family like ours! Your school room looks very organized to me!

    Have an awesome year of homeschooling!

  2. Great supply of books! I see that you’re using CHC. We have it, but I’m wondering if it’s just too light of a program. How are you liking it? My kids weren’t too happy with just one page of Science each day.

    • 3

      We are really liking it – I expand on it by reading books on whatever we’re studying that day. It has been a great fit for my daughter, who doesn’t like long lessons on any subject. I don’t really think it’s light per say, but gentle. It really depend on the level you are doing though from what I’m told – we are using Behold and See 1, and it is nothing like Behold and See 3 which I have on my bookshelf.

  3. 4
    Denise Says:

    What an awesome room full of resources!

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