Week one is done…..

Week one of home schooling for 1st grade is done. We didn’t get everything done that was in our lesson plans, but I’m happy with what we did. We only skipped doing Girl Scouts this week and cut Science short a little since it was a repeat of yesterday’s project on finding seeds – we already found everything that we had in the house with seeds. T is having a blast with school, and I am seeing that she is getting more and more willing to write and read in front of me.

Unfortunately we’re short on finances again after running the budget for this month, so anything extra this month just got cut out. We are going to try to do the Children’s museum here in a few days – they are running a free educator offer for 1 teacher and 1 child free, and I am very much hoping that it includes home school educators since I do have a teacher’s ID. Other than that, I’m going to do a library run in the next few days for all the extra books we need for the month, and that will be it. I was hopeful to be able to start taking T to weekly Mass on Wednesdays {our flex day with light school} but with needing bus fare it just isn’t going to happen this month.

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