Day 2 in the Books

Day 2 of 1st grade is done, even with me having forgotten to soak the beans for our science project. School is only taking us about an hour or so a day so far, but I still need to add in a few things like our daily saints, the liturgical year, and our school prayers. We should start most of those next week hopefully.

T surprised me by finishing her handwriting on her own when I had to step away for a minute, and doing it fairly neatly too! Now if I could just get her to read aloud – I know she can since she reads aloud to the dog and her dolls, but she refuses to read aloud for me. I’m trying to correct her pronunciation of some words, so it really is needed. I’m going to have to brainstorm up something to solve this.

For science today we looked at the inside of baby lima beans that I soaked to see the baby plants inside. I really am loving the Behold and See 1 science text we’re using – it is so gentle and easy to follow. I’m having the same problem with T reading aloud from it too, so for right now I’m reading it all to her. I know she is reading it silently though.

We started Faith and Life 1 today, and I will have to wait a little and see but I think it might not be a good fit for T right now. I am considering delaying it a year, and going with some other materials I have including My Jesus and I book with cassette tapes, and just a general life of the church and saints for this year. I am going to give Faith and Life a few more weeks to see if it’s just that it’s new.

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