Our First Day of !st Grade

Yesterday everything finally worked to start 1st grade – T was thrilled. We managed to get through lessons with only a little resistance to following directions, which is a fault we are trying to work on in T. I also really really need to get her days and nights turned back around – she is happy staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning, and sleeping until 1 in the afternoon. This doesn’t work when Mama is trying to juggle schooling with everything else that needs done outside the home.

I’ve discovered a few things thanks to the blog hop hosted over at Heart Of The Matter, namely that we are still missing a few things and where to find a few things. I discovered that the DVD we are using to supplement science that I found for $1.29 at our thrift shop is actually from Sonlight, and retails for nearly $20. I’m always finding things like that there – I love my thrift shops. Yesterday I went and found a TON of educational games, some of which will fit in perfectly this year. I’ll spotlight each one when I do my school-room post for the blog hop, since they are all in there.

But anyways, I’m getting off topic. We had our first day of school, T got a new backpack with supplies she needed, and we started working on our Character Building Cards from the lesson plans. This week is saying “Please” and “Thank You”. T is good at saying them at the table, but iffy otherwise. I blame Barney for this – I swear there is subliminal messaging in those videos. She literally would not say please after watching one of them {Magic something or other}, and her behavior tanked too. Even not we have to be careful to skip any previews of it, as just a minute of the bouncing purple blob is enough to cause problems for a day or so.  So saying Please and Thank You is a big thing we need to work on, and I’m hoping these cards work.  Each week is a new card, and they cover a variety of topics, including church behavior. I’m really hoping those ones work – I haven’t taken T to Mass at all yet, what with her food allergies, my having been sick a lot, my dad in hospice, and her autistic tendencies and aversions to loud sounds and groups of people.  I hope to try that sometime this year – after things calm down a bit.

Anyways, T is finally done with breakfast and we’re about to start school for today. Hopefully things go well.

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