Schoolroom Update

Our schoolroom is beginning to come together, after a bit of work. We moved our table around again {it didn’t work going the way it was due to T’s PC}, got rid of a BUNCH of books {sold some online, and some went out to the yard sale bins}, and found our fabric crates to us for holding all our books for 1st grade. Speaking of which, the last of the CHC books should be coming any day now. I still need to figure out a way to put up our dry erase board that doesn’t use any wall space and finish cleaning up all of T’s messes in there.But we’re on track to start 1st grade sometime in July or so – I was going to wait and start in August, but T wants to start now and I figure that will give us more time to take off if need be, which always happens around here!

I picked up a cute “Homework Chart” in the Target $spot area yesterday – We are going to use it to mark off our schoolwork as it is completed each day. If she has all the boxes filled with stars for finishing, then at the end of the week she gets a treat like a new book or a ice cream cone from McDonalds. I am hoping this helps with the “I don’t wanna do writing” that happened this year. I am hoping that the Target $spot does back to school again this year, as what they had last year was great.

Got our last Scholastic Books order for the year,  lots of wonderful books plus neat see-thru models of the eye, skeleton, and a tarantula for just pennies. I put those up to use next year when they come up in science, but I couldn’t pass up getting them now.

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