New Books Arriving!

Yesterday was a very exciting day – our science book for this fall arrived! We’re using the new Behold and See 1 from Catholic Heritage Curricula. I spent last night looking through it, and it looks like it will work great for us. T was VERY excited about using it, and that’s half the battle. It has lots of activities and pasting things like leaves and seeds in the book so it’s very hand-on. I do think instead of putting things in the book we’ll do those on a separate sheet of paper into a binder, as I’d like to be able to resell it when we’re done if possible and I really don’t like books with things in them.

T is getting very excited about starting 1st grade – she wants to be done with her K work already and get to the new stuff. Unfortunately we still have a LOT of K work to finish since we took so much time off this year. I won’t be doing that again – I don’t like not being off in summer!

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